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Are you looking for a way to tone your body and get ready for summer?!  Or, are you a yoga or fitness enthusiast who’s looking to add strength training or training of the smaller stabilizer muscles into your routine? Then, barre is for you!  You don’t have to be a ballerina (or ever even danced!) to enjoy a barre class.  I can tell you that from experience because I never stepped foot in any dance class as a child.  But, I absolutely love the barre.  As someone who grew up playing sports, my first reaction was that a barre class would be too easy for me.  OMG, was I wrong!  Barre is a super intense workout because we work each muscle to exhaustion and then stretch it out.  The tiny isometric movements cause the body to really shake and burn.  This burning and shaking is what trains those intrinsic stabilizer muscles and gives you great control over your body.  The control of a dancer…and if you’ve ever been to the ballet, you know that those dancers how some amazing muscle control and stability!  I love the barre, almost as much as I love yoga (and that’s saying something!).  Join me for a class, you won’t be sorry.  You can check out my current teaching schedule here.

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