Group Yoga Classes

I teach yoga classes throughout Philadelphia, PA & the surrounding counties. Vinyasa flow yoga classes create a strong and flexible body, while at the same time calm the mind and spirit. Vinyasa flow yoga sequences are based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya.  Students can expect to learn classic as well as creative sun salutations sequences. In Vinyasa flow yoga the breath inspires each movement and we move with intuition and lightness.

Classes are open to all ages and levels; please be sure to choose a class that is appropriate for your needs.

Weekly Schedule

Sunday                 11:30am – 12:30pm              Beginners               Prancing Peacock

Wednesday           9:30am – 10:45am               Mixed Level           Prancing Peacock



Mondays      9/21/2015 – 10/12/2015  6-7pm   Yoga for Massage Therapists     The School of Body Therapies

Thursdays   10/8/2015 – 10/29/2015   4:30-5:15pm   Kids Yoga (ages 4-8)      Bucks County Community College

Thursdays   10/8/2015 – 10/29/2015   5:30-6:30pm   Preteen Yoga (ages 9-12)   Bucks County Community College


Class Levels

Beginner – An instructional class for those new to yoga. Students will learn basic meditation techniques, proper alignment, and how to coordinate your breath and movement. Studentsl receive adjustments as necessary and modifications will be suggested to help each student get the most from his/her practice.

All Level – Great for all levels of students! Students will practice meditation techniques, using the breath to coordinate movement and cleanse the body, as well as proper body alignment. Modifications are demonstrated and deeper options are given to create a more challenging practice.

Pre-Teen – Great class for tweens ages 9-13. Students will learn basic mind-quieting meditation techniques, sun saluations, yoga games, and yoga dance.

Teen – Great class for stress reduction, especially great before the SAT/ACT or exams. Students will learn mind-quieting meditation techniques, stress reduction breathing techniques, sun salutations, basic yoga sequences as well as journaling activities.

Yoga Trance Dance – A Yoga Trance Dance class begins with a sequence of energetic yoga poses and slowly builds to a flow of free-form dancing guided by the instructor. The class ends with a long relaxing savasana. Great class for all levels!

Standup Paddle Board Yoga – An experience like you’ve never had before!  Enjoy an invigorating vinyasa flow yoga class while challenging your inner balance and core strength by practicing on a standup paddle board.  Enjoy savasana while laying on your paddle board in the water!